The dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Andrea Maciel, was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and is currently based in Zurich. She is graduated from Angel Vianna’s Contemporary Dance College, Rio de Janeiro, with full degree in Dance (2004-2005). She studied muscular dynamic and ballet with the Brazilian master Ceme Jambay (1988-2005). She started her professional career as a dancer in 1985 in Ballet Stagium, one of the most highly respected dance companies in Brazil. She founded the “AMCD Dance Company” in 1995 in Rio de Janeiro, where for 15 years, she directed, choreographed and danced. The company realized transdisciplinary projects that were presented in Brazil, South and North America and Europe. She has been critically recognized and awarded for her distinct approach to movement and for her works in choreography and videodance, both as an independent artist, and as a collaborator/performer with many distinguished artists in dance, music, theater and visual art communities. She has an extensive experience as a teacher and choreographer and taught contemporary dance, ballet and muscular dynamics in schools, universities and social projects in various cities of Brazil. From 2008 to 2014, she worked as teacher and choreographer in the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ, one of the largest and best public universities in Brazil. There she created a project connecting the students from the colleges of dance, art, music and communication and producing dance pieces, videodances and theoretical works. Since 2015 Andrea has been working as muscular dynamic/ballet/contemporary dance teacher in dance schools and independent studios in Switzerland (Tanzwerk 101, Off Dance, Studio Andanzas,among others), and works as freelancer dancer and choreographer.

Selected awards, scholarships, sponsorships:
Vitae Foundation (Brazil)
Subsidies granted by the City Department of Culture, Rio de Janeiro for "AMCD Dance Company "
Prize Caixa Econômica Federal for the show “Por onde os olhos não passam”
Prize Klauss Vianna, National Foundation of Art , Culture Ministry Brazil, for the show “ Gravidade Zero”
Prize EnCena Brasil, National Foundation of Art , Culture Ministry Brazil, for the show “Eletricidade”
1° prize XIII Festival de Dança do Triângulo, Uberlândia (MG), Brazil, 
for the choreography “ Só Assim Você Não Vai Ficar Flutuando No Espaço Vazio”
1°prize Novo Hamburgo Dance Festival, Novo Hamburgo (RS), Brazil, for the choreography “ Só Assim Você Não Vai Ficar Flutuando No Espaço Vazio”
Best show, best dancers Andrea Maciel and Bruno Caverna, best sound track, best show for the popular jury , IV FENARTE- FUNESC, João Pessoa (PB), Brazil, for the show“ Duetos “
2° prize, IX Mostra de Novos Coreógrafos, Rio Arte, Rio de Janeiro for the choreography “Tudo Muito Sutil”

Selected Creations
2012 O processo é a cena: educação (The process is the scene: education)
2011 Mundos Paralelos (Parallel Words)
2011 Depois da enchente (After the Flood)
2011 Porque você não me olha? (Why don't you look at me?)
2010 Por um buraquinho de uma pequeníssima fechadura (Through a little keyhole)
2010 Equinócio (Equinox)
2009 Mar de Dentro (Sea inside)
2009 Gravidade Zero: movimento #3 (Zero Gravity: movement n#3)
2009 Memórias do Rio de Janeiro (Memories of Rio de Janeiro)
2009 Partida (Departure or Divided)
2008 Corpalavra (Bodyword)
2008 Travessia (Crossing)
2008 Um no Outro (One in the other)
2007 Os sentidos do prazer: movimento n# 2 (The senses of pleasure: movement n#2)
2006 Gravidade Zero (Zero Gravity)
2005 Videodança: edição e coreografia como sistemas semelhantes (Videodance: editing and choreography as similar systems)
2005 O Corpo Contemporâneo (The contemporary body)
2004 Noisescape
2004 A Imagem do Corpo (The body image)
2003 Candeias
2003 Do movimento ao som e vice versa (From movement to sound and vice versa)
2003 Corpo Imaterial (Imaterial body)
2003 Por onde os olhos não passam (Where the eyes do not pass)
2003 Imagens Coreográficas (Choreographic images)
2002 Eletricidade (Electricity)
2002 Serenata (Serenade)
2001 A Mancha (The splotch)
2000 Alaska quartet
1999 Alaska octet
1998 Alaska solo
1998 Duetos (Duets)
1996 Só Assim Você Não Vai Ficar Flutuando No Espaço Vazio (Only like this you won't be floating in the empty space)
1996 Sonhos: um dicionário de movimentos (Dreams: a movement dictionary)
1995 As Ilhas (The islands)
1994 Donde Estabas Tú (Where were you?)
1992 Tudo Muito Sutil (Everything very sutil)
1991 As Três Marias (The three Marias)